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Thank you Hearty Homes for providing us with our amazing home. We built the display Homestead 298 after seeing it in the Lucas Display Village. We knew right away it was our home of choice, with a few unique upgrades! Hearty Homes were supportive through the whole process, especially as we built out of town and were required to do planning through council. The building process was smooth and very quick. We appreciated being kept in the loop and knowing what was to come. We recommend building with Hearty Homes!
Courtney Falzon
2 months ago
Thankyou Hearty homes! Very impressed very our homestead style home recently completed! The whole process of building a home was very easy right from the start with Darren from sales. Very knowledgeable and good to deal with, to Lesanne in the selections process. We thought it would be a daunting task selecting everything but the way the showroom is layed out and with lesannes help made it very simple. Through the building process. Hearty homes used quality tradesman that were very good to deal with. Luke our first supervisor. We also found him good to deal with. Given he was new to the job, he seemed very experienced at it. And then George who through the whole process was extremely thorough and made sure the workplace was always tidy and right to the very end has been always about quality. Would highly recommend hearty homes to build your new home!
lachie parker
6 months ago
Highly impressed with Hearty Homes and specially Darren from the sales team. Their floor plans are nice, easily modifiable, reasonably priced and you can get upfront cost estimate directly from their website.Darren was very accommodating and showed great understanding particularly due to our constant changing situation- anyone else would have probably given up in helping us but not Darren. He understands your situation and works with you as a customer rather than trying to just push for upgrades like lot of others do. I was quite impressed with the way he was quickly able to understand our thought process and work based on that and modify the floor plans. He also persuaded the management to build in towns they usually don’t build for us. He is highly knowledgeable and has great technical understanding of the industry – you can ask him any technical queries you have for your build and he will have an accurate answer to that straight away. Very easy to deal with and also down to earth bloke. I highly recommend dealing with Darren from Hearty Homes with building your new home.
Parakh Shah
a year ago

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